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HTML to RTF Converter Pro -
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HTML to RTF Converter Pro is a powerful and easy-to-use converter that is designed to free convert HTML/Webpage of internet to RTF, HTML, TEXT. It will directly convert with professional quality and fast processing speed.

It supports various popular formats like htm, html, txt, doc, rtf. Support delete the redundant blank line of document to convert to text. User-friendly interface, very easy to use, just a few clicks can finish the conversion.

Be amazed at fast conversion speed and excellent file quality. It is the most powerful program for converting HTML files among our products. The product possesses the big opportunities, you can adjust it and output Word file will look as you wish, SCC-style support.

You can choose any of three modes of converting: standard, exact and selective. And also can adjust font name, color, size, language of spelling in RTF file. The program can convert images (gif, jpg, png).

You may convert HTML files with tables or can transform tables to the text. The program transforms any HTML and ASP files into Word files and plain text (TXT, RTF). RTF files can be open in any text editor, for example in MS Word, WordPad or PageMaker. RTF files are very convenient for editing and their size less than DOC files.

Advanced Features

Advantages of HTML to RTF Converter Pro

We can guarantee 100% quaility of HTML to RTF conversion
We can guarantee 100% quality of TIFF, JPG, PNG or any image to RTF
Our HTML to RTF Converter Pro has reasonable price


  • CSS-style;
  • tables;
  • table width;
  • table borders;
  • images;
  • hyperlinks;
  • font face, color, size;
  • page alignment;
  • bold, italic and underline text;
  • special characters;
  • command line interface;
  • automatic coding select;
  • rtf spelling language select;
  • new algorithm for nested tables, now it support colpan and rowspan attributes;
  • table's background colors support;
  • new page sizes: Letter, Legal, Executive and Monarch
  • Improved converting of complicated tables;
  • Added switch 'Preserve background color' in GUI.
  • support of Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages;
  • new features to command line.
  • new ability to generate page numbers in HTML to Word conversion
  • new ability to turn on/off downloading images from Internet
  • Improved image conversion and bullet lists.

  • The average speed of HTML converting:
  • to Word - 15 files per sec
  • to Word + images - 3 files per sec.

HTMLtoRTF Converter Easy 1.1

All products have one basis, but differ by opportunities. The most modest is the version \"Easy\", it possesses sufficient opportunities for converting HTML and ASP files in RTF and plain text. It supports tables and some properties of the text, such as bold, italic and underlined. It differs the high speed of converting and 100% free.

    Easy version support:
  • tables
  • page alignment
  • bold, italic and underline text
  • special characters
  • automatic coding select
  • The average speed: 20 HTML/per sec.

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See what problems our clients decide using HTMLtoRTF Converter:

HTML-documents can be read easily by any person, but they are not convenient for processing and editing. At the same time RTF – files are specially created for editing text information and tables and can be open in any word-processor, for example, you can open RTF files in MS Word. After converting you receive the information in handy kind for you and you can do with it all what you want. Many people process information which they have downloaded from the Internet and HTMLtoRTF Converter will help to you in this.


"It is the fine program. Now I spend much less the time for processing HTML-files. As the editor of the newspaper, daily analyzing electronic mass-media, the HTML-converter helps me to make reports in Microsoft Word. The program easily and quickly converts the most difficult files, including images, tables, figures, diagrams."

Johann Stolbe

"With the help of HTML to RTF converter I have easily written my degree work. According to my girlfriend I have bought this program. And also has never regretted about it. Now, I working in legal service and I convinced user of this program. I am surprised with that RTF-files without pictures after converting become twice less than DOC-files."

Blanka Halbring

"Just wanted to say HTML to RTF Converter, is a god send, life saver, and awesome tool, it's saved me so much time with my projects. Thanks for keeping it simple yet powerful".

Robert B White

"Using your HTML to RTF is wonderful".

Pene Horton

"Basically I am a windows guy. So your tool was very helpful to me".

Guruprasad K.G

"I recently downloaded your HTML to RTF product, and am very interested in it".


HTMLtoRTF Converter can help you to convert HTML file to Word. Using Advanced HTML to Word converter you preserve original layout, links, bookmarks, images, vector drawings. Convert your HTML documents to Word - make them available for all search engines!